X1000 is a great
ecosystem of USDT,
bringing attractive
profits to users.
USDT will make the most liquid coin globally.
trending game
trending game
Spin game NFT
trending game
trending game
Farm game NFT
trending game
trending game
game master NFT
trending game

Social & Real Time


Provably Fair


Be the Bankroll




eth-logo 2,000,000


eth-logo 100,000,000


eth-logo 1,000,000

USDT we will apply to the ecosystem of games that USDT has.
- USDT is one of the coins that apply the latest and most modern technology platform that is easy for users in a simple way, giving users a practical experience on our technology platform.
- We will first build an ecosystem for usdt, this is a form of trading that is the trend of the future to apply tokens to real games and bring great profits to users.
trending game
trending game
- USDT focuses mainly on building an exchange for users to exchange and trade USDT in the most optimal way.
In 2021 and 2022 we will trade on international exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Bittrex....
We will bring USDT to the NFT farming technology platform in Q4 2021.
- In addition, users experience the auction of products of practical value.
- Users will bring a lot of great profits, not only that, users can also use USDT to trade through many applications to buy and sell items.
- Apply USDT to real stacking for users, that's what we are aiming for.
USDT will commercialize every transaction globally, on any high-tech platform.
- We will apply the best way to bring the highest benefits to users.

What's x1000 ?

x1000 is an online multiplayer USDT trending game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. It's fun and thrilling. It can also make you millions.

How does it work ?

Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can bust at any time, and you'll get nothing!

What's new in x1000 v2.0 ?


Be the bankroll

You can now increase your fortune not just by playing, but also being part of the bankroll and gaining (or losing) with x1000 profits.


Performance overhaul

x1000 has been rewritten for the most efficient performance and the ultimate user experience


Advanced autobet

Create and share scripts for your preferred autobet strategy using a sandbox.


Enhanced privacy

We use a sophisticated coin selection algorithm tailored to x1000 when handling payments in order to offer our players and investors industry-leading privacy

Social & Real Time

Be part of our unique community. Watch your fortune rise and play with friends in real time.

New game features such as friend list and private messages will make it easier to talk to your friends and make new friends in game

Provably fair

x1000's outcome can be proven as fair. There are third party scripts you can use to verify the game hashes and calculate the results.

Be the bankroll

Looking to grow your fortune? The bankroll is the pool of money that the house uses to pay out winners. You can take part of it and make money with x1000 profits.